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Yura and his wife's life was very happy until one day the husband invited two close friends to his house for a drink. That day they all drank a lot, but due to their poor alcohol tolerance, the husband slept soundly and didn't know anything, and the other two friends, because it was too late, had to sleep at a friend's house for the night. Seeing that his wife was not only beautiful but also very chubby due to the presence of alcohol in her body, a friend snuck up and crawled through the mattress to grope his friend's wife. Normally, the husband could not meet his needs because he was physically weak, so when she knew that her friend had intentions towards her, she did not resist, just looked shy to hide her lust. The next day, because he had placed a camera in the house, the husband turned it on to watch and discovered that his wife was having an affair in a very happy position, but he was not angry or irritated. On the contrary, he continued to invite two old friends. Come home for another drink. This time he pretended to be asleep to see if things would happen like last time, but when the two boys started soliciting his wife, he woke up and made a very surprising decision, supporting the boys together. enthusiastic wife.

SSNI-679 Husband pretended to be asleep and caught his wife cheating
SSNI-679 Husband pretended to be asleep and caught his wife cheating
 Movie Code: SSNI-679 
 Movie Studio:  
 Actor: Yura Kano 
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