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Musa is relaxing at home watching his gamer girlfriend Bess play online games. He starts stroking her, leading to a bit of fucking while she tries to level up in her direct mission. Suddenly, the doorbell rang! Charli, the landlord, came to collect the rent. Musa couldn't afford to pay this month and it wasn't the first time. Musa has previously offered substantial services in lieu of cash to a demanding Charli - but today he doesn't want to get caught by his girlfriend Bess! Musa chases Charli away, but Charli returns to her property through the window and secretly lures Musa right under Bess's nose. Finally, Bess comes to her senses and realizes that she can also do her part to contribute to the rent - with a steamy threesome!

Stealing the lover of his sister who loves games
Stealing the lover of his sister who loves games
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